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Image by Kamil Pietrzak


Have a look at the latest progress by each club in their battle to be the best in university skydiving club for this year! Each club can compete in member attendance to BUS events, competitions such as BUS Nationals and the Monthly draws, and individual member achievements were club members submit their stickers and ratings!

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4 way competition



Image by Kamil Pietrzak


Skydiver Parachute

Results  table

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Join us in making a real difference.


Can you work under pressure?

This is the league table for the BUS competitions, each month we release a randoms draw for both FS and VFS flyers to attempt! All you have to do to compete is have someone record your attempt, upload to youtube unlisted, with the information of the flyers and their uni affiliation and we'll judge it and add the score to this years league table!

In addition to the random draw, we have two competition events held each year, Indoors and Nationals. Put a team together and put yourself to the test against other 

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